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SunRice Low GI Brown Rice

SunRice Low GI Brown Rice combines the benefits of wholegrain rice with the advantages of being a low GI food. Classified as a low glycaemic index food, it is digested more slowly by the body to provide a sustained energy release. Brown rice is unmilled and has retained its bran layer, which is the most fibre and nutrient rich part of the grain. Alongside lean meats and seafood or tossed in a salad, SunRice Naturally Low GI Brown Rice gives a healthy boost to your favourite meal.

All rice is naturally gluten free

Recipe Inspiration

Low GI rice recipes by Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill
We have created these quick and tasty Low GI recipes using our SunRice Low GI range that show you how easy it can be to pack your meals with energising carbohydrates. Enjoy.

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