Jan Cathcart Scholarship:

a fitting legacy for women in the Australian rice industry

About the Scholarship

The scholarship program was launched in 2014 to honour the memory of long-term SunRice Group employee Jan Cathcart and to recognise her high principles, commitment and 43 year contribution to the rice industry, the SunRice Group, as well as our shareholders and growers. It is designed to support women who demonstrate a passion for the rice industry.

The scholarship is open to female shareholders, growers and employees and their extended families. We encourage women from across our network to apply, or to nominate other eligible women who would benefit from the program.

  • Selection of one applicant for the Jan Cathcart Scholarship.
  • Scholarship value: $10,000 per year for up to three years.
  • Criteria for selection:
    • Commitment to a career in agriculture or agribusiness.
    • Involvement in work experience and community service.
    • Leadership potential.
    • Academic achievements.

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Tertiary study aligned with professions in high demand in regional Australia.
    • Preferred fields: Agricultural science, engineering, finance/business, and information technology.
    • Priority is given to applicants from regional Australia, especially rice-growing areas.
    • Open to both current university students and emerging students.

Here’s what some past Jan Cathcart Scholars have to say

Emily Fasham

Listen as 2019 winner Emily Fasham explains how the Jan Cathcart Scholarship offers so many opportunities for personal growth and exploration of different career pathways.

Ally Morona

Listen as 2020 winner Alexandra ‘Ally’ Morona explains how the Jan Cathcart Scholarship creates diverse opportunities for women to come together and contribute to the regional communities they grew up in.

Other past scholars

"The Scholarship fosters a strong sense of community for women in agriculture, and has ensured that young women are supported in their education and endeavours, which they can bring back to the industry and farming communities."
Lily Delves, 2023 recipient - to read a Q&A with Lily,
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"This Scholarship represents a remarkable opportunity that empowers women to pursue careers aligned with their passions, irrespective of their chosen field. It serves as a catalyst for women to pursue their aspirations and leave a lasting impact, not only within the rice industry but also within their local communities."
Tiarna Burke, 2023 recipient - to read a Q&A with Tiarna,
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“The Scholarship supports, nurtures, and encourages country girls like me to get out there and make a difference to the rice industry and our local community—just like Jan Cathcart did herself. This support will significantly benefit the rice industry as I am yet to meet a Jan Cathcart scholar who isn’t greatly passionate about growing and enhancing our rice communities and greater industry. It is a fantastic alumnae and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.” 
Rebecca Groat, 2022 recipient - to read a Q&A with Rebecca,
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“Since receiving the Scholarship, I was offered a fantastic role in SunRice’s legal department as a paralegal both in the Leeton and Sydney offices. It has been incredible to have the opportunity to work at SunRice and get hands-on experience at the same time as studying a Bachelor of Law majoring in Commerce Law. It has been a life changing experience for me, and I would recommend it to any aspiring future female leader.”
Charlie Reilly, 2021 recipient - to read a Q&A with Charlie,
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“I believe the Scholarship is of great value as it encourages and nurtures young women to be actively involved in the rice industry. The Jan Cathcart Scholarship creates diverse opportunities by enabling women from a range of fields to come together and contribute to the regional communities they grew up in." 
Alexandra Morona, 2020 recipient - to read a Q&A with Alexandra,
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“In the future, I see myself researching rice varieties and developing new strategies to make rice growing more accessible for farmers as it has been a major income for my family for over 50 years. The Scholarship has helped me gain practical skills that coincide with the theory I have been learning in my degree, which will enable me to be more prepared for this future career path.”
Emily Fasham, 2019 recipient - to read a Q&A with Emily,
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“I applied for the Jan Cathcart Scholarship because of how much the rice industry has given my family and how much I want to contribute and give back. Jan left the most incredible legacy and I think if I can be half the woman she was, then that would be enough. I highly encourage young women to apply for the Scholarship to further develop and support the rice industry.”
Annabel Arnold, 2018 recipient – to read a Q&A with Annabel,
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