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Koshi 750g FOP Repurpose ID95726

SunRice Koshihikari Rice

Available in: 750g 5kg 10kg 20kg

If there is one type of rice that best represents authentic Japanese food culture, it is Koshihikari (often called Koshi rice). This super-premium short grain rice has unique characteristics - versatility, firmness, consistency, aroma and natural sweetness. It is a premium grain that is perfect for Japanese dishes and desserts.

Koshi naturally possess optimum water absorption properties when cooked, allowing the rice to stick together and retain its softness for longer.

Translated as “the light of Koshi” in reference to an ancient province in Japan, Koshi is also commonly used as the hero in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines.

All rice is naturally gluten free.

Sushi 1920X1080 How to Cook Sushi Rice
Sushi 1920X1080 How to Cook Sushi Rice