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Black Rice Recipes

Once reserved for Chinese royalty, black rice is tender, delicious and full of health benefits. Try it in a Miso forbidden rice bowl, black rice pudding or an impressive side dish.
Sunrice Black Rice Rainbow Salad Blog Black Rice Rainbow Salad by @_plantbaes_ < 20 This delicious salad takes 15 minutes to create and is exactly what we like for a midweek dinner: easy, quick, nourishing and super tasty. 25247 Hasselback Pumpkin Black Rice Hasselback Pumpkin with Black Rice Salad A delicious vegetarian dish perfect for summer with roasted pumpkin and a tasty yogurt sauce. Enjoy this tasty and nutritious meal. 25224 Mexican Black Rice Salad 01 Mexican Black Rice Salad A colourful Mexican inspired salad perfect for summer. Enjoy this tasty and nutritious meal. miso glazed salmon Poh's Miso glazed salmon with broccolini & black buttered rice < 30 This recipe has fast become a household favourite because it’s incredibly quick and easy but so flavourful. The miso glaze adds such a lovely salty sweet element to the buttery salmon and then balanced so beautifully with the earthy, nutty black rice and fresh crunchy vegetables. Walnut, cucumber and peach salad in lettuce Walnut, Cucumber & Peach Salad 5min This vegetarian rice salad recipe is a perfect summer dish! This walnut, cucumber and peach salad is full of flavour and easy to make for the whole family. Tomato and basil rice salad Tomato & Basil Rice Salad < 1hr Try out this delicious vegetarian salad for your next healthy meal idea! This tomato and basil rice salad is full of flavour and is easy to make. Soy glazed salmon with rice Soy Glazed Salmon with Rice < 1hr Try out this soy glazed salmon with rice recipe for a healthy and delicious lunch or dinner idea! This tasty dish is packed with flavour and nutrients. Walnut and roast pumpkin salad with rice Walnut & Roast Pumpkin Salad < 1hr Looking for a delicious and healthy salad idea? Combined with black rice, this walnut and roast pumpkin salad is vegetarian and vegan friendly! Bhutanese chilli chicken stir fry on black rice Bhutanese Chilli Chicken Stir Fry < 30 Enjoy Asian cuisine at home with this Bhutanese chilli chicken stir fry! This dish is full of flavour and tasty ingredients, perfect for lunch or dinner. Spanish paella with black rice and seafood Spanish Paella < 1hr Try out this Spanish paella recipe for a delicious lunch or dinner! This recipe combines the flavours of different proteins and vegetables with black rice. Tuna nicoise salad with eggs and vegetables Tuna Nicoise Salad < 1hr Looking for a delicious and healthy recipe? Try out this tuna nicoise salad for a tasty light meal idea! This dish is packed with vegetables and flavour. Dukkah salmon and rice Dukkah Salmon & Rice < 1hr Enjoy gourmet taste at home with this dukkah crusted salmon and rice recipe! This delicious dish is served with roasted cauliflower and black rice.
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