Black Rice Microwave Pouch – 250g

This quick and easy wholegrain rice is deliciously nutty and a vibrant purple colour ready in just 90 seconds.

SunRice Black Rice is beautifully silky in texture and has a lovely vibrant colour. This rice is a nutritious and delicious wholegrain rice which is gluten free as well as a source of protein, energy and fibre.

Ready in only 90 seconds, this rice type is a great as a base for a quick and easy meal base, it is perfect for using in rice salads.

The SunRice microwave range delivers tasty whole grains cooked to perfection.

The SunRice microwave range uses special heat technology and has no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

SunRice, proudly Australian owned since 1950.

Perfect for lunch or dinner. All rice is naturally gluten free.

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Longer Grains

Longer Grains



Hint of Sweetness

Hint of Sweetness

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