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Bulk Bag Rice

Sunlong Long Grain 25kg 46062 Repurpose ID108110 Sunlong Long Grain Rice Long, slender grains define this classic rice variety. SW MG 25kg 46060 Repurpose ID108113 Sunwhite Calrose Medium Grain Rice Soft, tender and succulent medium sized grains and is proudly all Australian grown. Sunbrown Sunbrown Calrose Rice Combines the nutrients of a whole grain with a distinctive nutty flavour. Jasmine 20Kg Png Transparent SunRice Premium Topaz Jasmine Rice A premium Australian Jasmine Rice that flourishes in Australia's pristine rice growing environment. CAMBODIAN JASMINE 49690 FOP Repurpose ID127708 SunRice Premium Cambodian Jasmine Rice SunRice Cambodian Jasmine Rice, is a quality sourced fragrant Jasmine that your family will love. Doongara Low Gi 10Kg Png Transparent SunRice Low GI White Rice SunRice Low GI White Rice is a variety of long grain rice, called Doongara which is exclusively grown in Australia. Test Test SunRice Short Grain Rice An oval and translucent grain that has the optimum level of stickiness, the cleanest flavour and ideal springiness for sushi. Koshi 20kg FOP SunRice Koshihikari Soft, moist, springy and lightly sweet. For the best sushi eating experience. Calrose 20kg SunRice Calrose Medium Grain Rice Soft, tender and succulent medium sized grains that retain moisture when cooked. Hinata 5kg FOP Repurpose ID105463 SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice Short Grain Hinata has the ideal amount of glutinous texture for Japanese cuisine, sushi and is also great for everyday consumption. Premium Indian Grown Basmati SunRice Premium Indian Basmati Rice SunRice Premium Indian Grown Basmati rice has extra long and slender grains with a light, fluffy texture. Kokusai FOP Kokusai Rice This premium rice has unique characteristics – versatility, firmness, consistency, aroma, and sweetness. Riviana 5kg Riviana Basmati Rice Pakistan Long Grain Ideal for Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine.