Code of Conduct

At SunRice, our Code of Conduct serves as the cornerstone of our corporate culture, defining the values and principles that underpin our daily operations. This vital document guides our decisions and behaviour, ensuring that our company maintains the highest ethical standards, integrity, and transparency. By adhering to this code, we not only foster a positive work environment but also forge robust relationships with our stakeholders, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products and services; it encompasses the way we interact with our employees, customers, partners, and communities. The Code of Conduct reflects our dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices, helping us to navigate the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities in our industry.

By rigorously upholding the principles outlined in our Code of Conduct, SunRice strives to create a prosperous, ethical, and sustainable future for our employees, customers, and stakeholders, whilst enhancing our reputation as a trusted and responsible global leader in the rice industry. This unwavering commitment is not only integral to our success but also allows us to make a positive and lasting impact on the world around us.