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2200 employees. 50 countries. 30 brands. 11 businesses. Together, we’re SunRice.

SunRice is one of the largest rice food companies in the world and one of Australia's leading branded food exporters.

Japanese origins

Authentic Japanese Heritage

Jō Takasuka, accompanied by his wife, Ichi, arrived in Melbourne in 1905 from Japan.

Within 18 months, Takasuka had moved to Nyah, Victoria, sowed 35 acres (14ha) of Japanese rice grain on land rented from a local farmer, and entered into negotiations with the Victorian government to acquire a suitable allotment of crown land subject to annual flooding on which to cultivate rice.

Takasuka persevered through floods and droughts to finally produce rice for commercial sale. His first success was in 1911 when test-plots on his property were harvested. Using these seeds, he grew rice successfully on small parcels of rented land for the next three seasons.

In 1914, the Victorian government allocated 200 acres (81ha) of flood-prone land on the Murray River near Swan Hill to Takasuka for the purpose of demonstrating the cultivation of rice from Japan. He sold the first successful crop of seed back to the government and inspired the formation of the Australian rice industry.

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1850 年 可能是中国勘探者将稻米种子引入澳大利亚的淘金地。 1891 年 新南威尔士州农业厅开始在新南威尔士州北部试验“高地”水稻品种。 1906 年 日本前国会议员Isaburo (Jō) Takasuka开始采用日本(粳稻)品种,在维多利亚天鹅山附近培植稻米。 1914 年 Jo Takasuka在澳大利亚东南部种植第一款商业水稻作物。 1924 年 向农民提供“粳稻”种子品种,向日本大量出口澳大利亚大米。 1928 年 新南威尔士州大米营销委员会开始运作。其主要职责是收集和存储稻谷,与磨粉厂谈判价格。 1932-34 年 年 先后在新南威尔士州穆拉米、延达和格里菲斯建立磨粉厂。 1950 年 稻农协会中央行政长官成立一家新合作社——稻农合作社磨坊有限公司。 1955 年 该合作社推出其自有品牌“Sunwhite大米”零售包装。 1968 年 该合作社在新南威尔士州Coleambally成立一家磨粉厂。 1970 年 该合作社在德尼利昆成立一家磨粉厂,这也是南半球最大的磨粉综合建筑。 1985 年 稻农合作社磨坊有限公司与新南威尔士州大米营销委员会进行功能兼并,成为“稻农合作社有限公司”。 1986 年 稻农合作社磨坊有限公司与新南威尔士州大米营销委员会进行功能兼并,成为“Ricegrowers合作社有限公司”。 1990 年 新推出的SunRice“雕塑”广告活动赢得澳大利亚和国际广告大奖,使得国内大米消费量增长了17%。 1994 年 在德尼利昆成立第二家磨粉厂,最开始只生产糙米,后来经过升级,成为糙米和白米磨粉厂。 1995-97 年 由稻农合作社有限公司与一家日本磨粉厂合资成立的“SunRice”公司,成功推出在杨科开发的面向日本市场的新品种大米——越光米。 2000-2014 年 历经十载严重干旱,SunRice实现了业务组合和全球采购计划的多元化,确保业务的持续增长和繁荣,包括米粉、零食、微波米饭和即食食品。 当前 收购蓝带大米集团的北昆士兰磨粉厂和在布兰登的相关资产。 See the timeline

Our History

Our proud history dates back to the establishment of a single rice mill in the Riverina region of New South Wales in 1950. Today we have operations – including state-of-the-art processing, packing and value added food plants - across Australia, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

We supply almost 50 countries with diverse, innovative and nutritious rice food products, and through our successful food ingredients and foodservice divisions, contribute to thousands of other brands and businesses the world over. We’re a major player in the domestic market as well, supplying a staple food for households around Australia.

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We’re SunRice Innovative Dynamic Australian owned Globally focused

Our Brands

Our company was built by the Australian rice industry over many decades, and today it’s strengthened by a broad portfolio of subsidiary and complementary businesses.

We’re an Australian supermarket leader in olives, condiments and more, through Riviana Foods and their “Always Fresh” flagship brand. We’re a major business in Papua New Guinea, where Trukai Industries employs more than 1,000 people and has operated for more than 40 years. We’re the preferred rice supplier of tens of millions of people in the Middle East where we have a marketing office in Dubai. We have a base in Singapore that provides us with a regional presence and proximity to service the burgeoning markets of South East Asia and China. And we’re part of the convenience rice foods market in America, where our SunFoods’ Hinode brand can be found in retail giants like Walmart and Kroger.

Added to this, is our enviable position in the pet and livestock industries via our animal feeds division CopRice; our own dedicated rice research company; Solomon Islands’ operation; and sophisticated local grain storage network.

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Our Vision

SunRice is a dynamic rice food company with a vision to become the World’s Favourite Rice Food Company. Through innovation, initiative and operating excellence SunRice develops great tasting and nutritious foods that excite and satisfy consumers all over the world.

Our Corporate Goals
To deliver unbeatable products and services
To have leadership that inspires and rewards excellence
To have winning business relationships
To grow through imagination and audacity
To understand our responsibility to achieve financial targets
To have simple and effective systems and processes
To be responsible corporate citizens

Our Corporate Values
Integrity in all we do
Passion for the business
Learning and its rapid conversion to action
Single-minded commitment to achieve our stated goals

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Our Story

SunRice has had a long association with Australian agriculture and the land. It formed in 1950 when early rice growers pooled funds to establish a co-operative and built a much-needed rice mill at Leeton in the Riverina. In 1955, the co-operative launched its own branded retail pack of 'Sunwhite' rice.

It was the first time that nutritional value and product quality and consistency were emphasised in the marketing of Australian rice. Decades of research and adoption of new technology followed, with SunRice manufacturing an ever-growing and innovative range of new products from rice and rice by-products.

As in most industrialised countries, the potato was the historic staple carbohydrate in Australia. Rice was traditionally seen as an accompaniment to dishes such as curry, and perhaps as an occasional dessert.

The great opportunity for SunRice came in the 1970s when migration from Asia to Australia was significant and the cuisines available in Australian cities changed almost overnight. Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean restaurants appeared, featuring rice as the main carbohydrate. Suddenly Asian food was very fashionable.

As Australia became more cosmopolitan, Australians grew increasingly interested in cooking Asian and other ethnic foods at home, leading to a new market for rice.

The famous 'Rice Sculptures' advertising campaign by SunRice, which won major Australian and international advertising awards for its unique, creative and innovative promotion of rice health benefits, helped increase rice consumption in Australia.

With a long tradition of co-operation and growth, SunRice is now one of the biggest branded rice food companies in the world, and an Australian icon.

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