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Pumpkin And Chickpea Curry Pumpkin & Chickpea Curry with Beans Try out this pumpkin and chickpea curry recipe for a delicious lunch or dinner! Cooked with beans for flavour, enjoy this vegan pumpkin curry with a serving of rice. Rice And Beans Salad Rice & Beans Salad This delicious rice and beans salad recipe is easy to make and is a perfect healthy lunch idea! Enjoy mixed beans and other tasty veggies with brown rice. Coconut Rice Pudding Coconut Rice Pudding Try out this coconut rice pudding dish for a delicious dessert idea! Baked and topped with beurre bosc pears, this coconut rice dessert is a perfect sweet treat to share. Rice Stuffed Capsicums Rice Stuffed Capsicums Enjoy this tasty rice stuffed capsicums recipe for a simple lunch or dinner idea. This dish is easy to make and is vegan and vegetarian friendly! Rice Muffins Cheese Rice Muffins Try out these savoury cheese rice muffins for a simple to make dish! Packed with vegetables, this meal is full of flavour and is a great snack on the go. Roast Pumpkin Quinoa Salad Roast Pumpkin Quinoa Salad Enjoy this delicious roast pumpkin quinoa salad on its own or as a side dish! The tasty combination of ingredients has this recipe packed with flavour. Roast Vegetable Salad Warm Roast Vegetable Salad with Feta This warm roast vegetable and feta salad recipe only takes 20 minutes to prepare and cook! This simple recipe is both delicious and nutritious. Coconut lentil curry with white rice Coconut Lentil Curry Try out this coconut lentil curry for your next lunch or dinner idea! This tasty recipe is vegan and full of flavour and spices, perfect with jasmine rice. Middle Eastern rice with tomato, chilli and eggs Middle Eastern Rice with Chilli & Eggs Try out this Middle Eastern rice recipe for a simple and delicious lunch idea! This dish combines tomato, chilli and eggs with rice for a tasty dish! Easy rice salad with vegetables Easy Rice Salad Mediterranean red rice salad Mediterranean Red Rice Salad Walnut and roast pumpkin salad with rice Walnut & Roast Pumpkin Salad
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