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Rice Cooker Recipes

Simple, hearty and delicious. Try these slow cooker recipes for mouth-watering dinners. Slow cooked meat, soups, stew, you can even make desserts in the rice cooker.
Poh Easy Fried Rice overhead LOW Easy Fried Rice This easy fried rice recipe is a perfect dinner idea that only takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook. This tasty combination of fried rice ingredients tastes too good to be this easy! Spanish Paella Spanish Paella Try out this Spanish paella recipe for a delicious lunch or dinner! This recipe combines the flavours of different proteins and vegetables with black rice. Healthy Beef Stroganoff Healthy Beef Stroganoff Looking for a delicious meal idea that is low GI? Try out this healthy beef stroganoff for a tasty dinner! Cook this simple recipe in just 20 minutes. Chicken And Prawn Paella Chorizo, Chicken & Prawn Paella Enjoy Spanish cuisine at home with this delicious chorizo, chicken and prawn paella recipe! The tasty combination of ingredients make a flavourful dish. Asian Brown Rice Salad Asian Brown Rice Salad Try out this tasty salad for your next healthy meal idea! This Asian brown rice salad is full of flavour, combining brown rice, capsicum, basil and more. Thai Mango Salad Thai Mango Salad Try out this rice salad for your next healthy meal idea! This Thai mango salad has coconut, peanuts, delicious herbs and more for a dish full of flavour. Korean Rice Bowl Korean Rice Bowl Enjoy Asian cuisine at home with this tasty Korean rice bowl recipe! This Korean-style chicken rice bowl is full of flavour and is a perfect dinner idea. Chicken And Chorizo Jambalaya Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya Enjoy Cajun cuisine at home with this chicken and chorizo jambalaya recipe! This tasty dinner idea is full of flavour all thanks to its herbs and spices. Korma Vegetable Curry 01 Vegetable Korma Curry Enjoy Indian flavours at home with this delicious vegetable korma curry recipe! This dish is packed with flavour and is a perfect lunch or dinner idea. Moroccan Lamb Moroccan Lamb Rice with Almonds Try out this simple Moroccan lamb rice recipe for your next lunch or dinner idea! This dish is packed with tasty ingredients like almonds, raisins and more. Salmon And Rice Dukkah Salmon & Rice Enjoy gourmet taste at home with this dukkah crusted salmon and rice recipe! This delicious dish is served with roasted cauliflower and black rice. Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice Enjoy Thai cuisine at home with this healthy rice recipe! This delicious vegetarian Thai fried rice is simple to make and is a perfect light meal idea.
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