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Indian Recipes

Everyone loves Indian food. You can’t go past our classic butter chicken curry rice recipe, or our incredible Indian vegetable rice dish. Try Basmati rice for fragrant Indian curries or make a beautiful coconut rice to go with...anything.
Brown Rice Pulao Compressed’s Brown Rice Pulao Celebrate the festival of Diwali by creating the’s delicious Brown Rice Pulao. Jackfruit Biryani Compressed’s Jackfruit Biryani Enjoy the festival of Diwali by creating’s take on the traditional Biryani, made with jackfruit. Mango Phirni Compressed’s Mango Phirni Be inspired by the festival of Diwali with this delicious Mango Phirni made by P7082713 min Lyndi's Healthy Indian Curry Enjoy a healthy comfort meal, that’s ready to eat in just 20-minutes. Serve this wholesome (and affordable) dish with SunRice basmati rice. SunRice Basmati rice has a delightful aroma and produces a light, fluffy texture that is ideal for absorbing the flavours of saucy and spicy cooking. Chicken vegetable curry Chicken Vegetable Curry Indian Chicken Curry Indian Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice Enjoy exotic flavours at home with this delicious Indian chicken curry recipe! This dish is full of tasty spices and is best served with basmati rice. Lamb biryani Lamb Biryani Spinach butter chicken and rice Spinach Butter Chicken & Rice Enjoy Indian cuisine at home with this easy spinach butter chicken and rice recipe! This flavoursome dish is perfect for your next lunch or dinner idea. Tuna curry and rice Tuna Curry in 5 Have a flavoursome lunch ready in just 5 minutes with this tuna curry recipe! Served with a SunRice Quick Cup, this tasty dish is perfect for a fast meal. Chicken Korma Curry Chicken Korma Curry Enjoy Indian flavour with this easy chicken korma curry dish! This simple recipe only takes 20 minutes to prepare and cook for a perfect quick dinner idea. Korma Vegetable Curry 01 Vegetable Korma Curry Enjoy Indian flavours at home with this delicious vegetable korma curry recipe! This dish is packed with flavour and is a perfect lunch or dinner idea. Butter Chicken Curry Butter Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice Try out this delicious butter chicken curry with basmati rice recipe for an exotic dinner idea! This tasty dish is rich in flavour and packed with spices.
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