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Easy Rice Recipes

In a hurry? We’ve got plenty of delicious rice recipes under 20 minutes. From an impressive side dish to brown rice salads and chicken fried rice. Even a few for the slow cooker. Did you know you can stir SunRice microwave rice straight into your stir fry?
Easy Cheese Board with Brown Rice Chips Easy Cheese Board with Brown Rice Chips Create the perfect cheese board for family and friends using SunRice Brown Rice Chips. Roasted tomato risotto with grilled zucchini rocket pesto Roasted tomato risotto with grilled zucchini & rocket pesto A delicious and healthy way to enjoy those cold Winter nights. Opt out the chicken stock to make this dish Vegetarian! Moroccan Roasted Pumpkin Brown Rice Quinoa Salad Moroccan Roasted Pumpkin, Brown Rice & Quinoa Salad This Moroccan roasted pumpkin salad is a perfect Meat Free Monday meal! The goodness of brown rice and quinoa makes this salad a healthy choice! Brown rice Quinoa Tabbouleh with Greek spiced Chicken Brown rice & Quinoa Tabbouleh with Greek spiced Chicken A delicious and healthy salad perfect for Spring and Summer. Opt out the chicken to make it Vegan! Pohs salmon with bok choy Poh’s Seared Salmon & Bok Choy A delicious way to enjoy salmon that can be cooked in a matter of no time! Perfect for a mid week meal! Thai Chicken And Rice Larb 01 Thai Chicken & Rice Larb Enjoy Thai cuisine at home with this delicious and fresh recipe. Great for summer evenings with friends! Poh guac jpeg2 Poh's Guacamole & Brown Rice Chips Our NEW Wild Rice Brown Rice Chips go perfectly with Poh's delicious guacamole. Serve as a snack for friends before dinner or enjoy one afternoon on your own! Brown rice chips nachos Lyndi's Brown Rice Chip Nachos This is a seriously awesome healthy starter or appetiser to take to a party. I got so many compliments when I made this recipe and I hope you do too. It’s crispy, full of flavour and easy! Save this healthy recipe for your next party and impress your pals. Pineapple Fried Rice Poh's Pineapple Fried Rice This Pineapple Fried Rice is perfect for using up that chilled leftover rice, it’s super quick and very delicious. In it you have the obligatory brekky combo of bacon and eggs but it’s the sweet and sour of the pineapple and bright herbs that make it one of the best things to wake up to. Arancini Arancini These prawn arancini balls make for the perfect cheesy, warm rice snack. Serve with this delicious lemon chilli aioli to please the masses. Mexican Chicken Quesadillas Mexican Chicken Quesadillas Create this Mexican dish in the comfort of your own home! This recipe is prefect for all ages as an easy Friday night meal! Chicken Yakitori with Sesame Rice Chicken Yakitori with Sesame Rice Try traditional Japanese yakitori at home paired with our Medium Grain rice with sesame oil. This recipe is a great way to add variety and new flavours into your meal plans!
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