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IMG 2937 Miso Glazed Salmon With Broccolini & Sugar Snap Peas This recipe has fast become a household favourite because it’s incredibly quick and easy but so flavourful. The miso glaze adds such a lovely salty sweet element to the buttery salmon and then balanced so beautifully with the fragrant Jasmine rice and fresh crunchy vegetables. IMG 2882 Korean Style Spicy Chicken With Pickled Cucumber This dish really wins on minimum fuss and maximum flavour. Don’t worry when the chicken looks a bit steamy half way through cooking. When it’s done it will be beautifully glossy, and saucy. If you don’t want to do the pickled cucumber salad, you can eat it with store bought kimchi or blanched Asian greens but the sprout salad is really a quick pickle and balances the chicken beautifully. SUNRICEMICROJA004 1 Warming Brown Rice, Spinach, Walnut & Feta With Baked Tomatoes Chinese Chicken Congee Chinese Chicken Congee In Chinese culture congee is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Feel free to pimp it up with boiled salted duck eggs, and other traditional goodies like crispy chilli oil, soy pickled radishes or preserved shredded olive but for a cleaner, more restorative flavour, leave it as is. Microsoft Teams image 4 Leeton Brown Rice Salad Famous amongst our SunRice farmers, this brown rice salad is a sure winner Rice lentil tomato soup comp Poh’s Rice, Lentil, Lemon & Tomato Soup | FEEDS UP TO 6 This is the best soup to use all of your left-over ingredients and it will taste brilliant. Lyndi Wrap2 Burrito Wrap Stack Beef Spinach sq min 1 Spicy Lamb & Spinach Rice Chicken Swewers Square min Chicken Skewers with Lemon & Herb Rice and Tzatziki Thai Prawn horizontal min 1 Thai Prawn Fried Rice Crispy skin salmon horizontal min Crispy Skin Salmon with Spiced Rice Cicken broccolini rice bake cut square min Chicken & Broccolini Rice Bake
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