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Connecting the people of the Solomon Islands

SunRice’s SolRice business has been operating in the Solomon Islands for 44 years, with two iconic brands: Solrais and Island Sun. SolRice directly employs more than 60 people, and indirectly employs more than 1000 people in the Solomon Islands.

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The Solomon Islands is comprised of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands. Through Sunrice’s SolRice business, which has been operating in the region for 44 years through its Solrais and Island Sun brands, we have built a vast distribution network to deliver food to even the most remote provinces.

SolRice ships directly to the provinces from its Honiara distribution centre. Our robust distribution network provides consistent supply even during poor weather, which has resulted in SolRice providing aid agencies with assistance during disaster relief efforts.

The development of this distribution model and creation of storage and distributor partners has created dedicated employment opportunities in each of these locations. SolRice directly employs more than 60 people and indirectly more than 1000 throughout the islands.

This includes employment of casual labour for product movement ex Honiara, loading and unloading of vessels in each location and local employment to manage distribution of product into wider areas.

SolRice’s local investment in these areas also includes support back into the local communities in the form of community engagement sponsorships and fundraising events as well as awareness for important health issues.

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