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Winter Warmer Recipes

We’ve got winter warmers for the coldest days. Warm your soul with a hearty casserole from the slow cooker or a restaurant quality curry on a steaming bed of nutty brown rice. There’s nothing better.
Poh's Miso & Brown Rice Soup Poh's Miso & Brown Rice Soup < 20 This is one of my favourite quickie recipes which takes the blink of an eye to make. Rice in soup was one of my all time favourite meals as a child. There’s nothing more comforting and it’s a fabulous way to use up left over rice. Chicken & Cashew Nut Biryani Chicken & Cashew Nut Biryani < 1hr A classic take on a traditional Indian dish. Enjoy with our delicious Basmati rice for a hearty meal the whole family will love! Crumbed lamb cutlets with sweet onion rice and gravy Crumbed Lamb Cutlets < 1hr Try these lamb cutlets and swap potato mash with sweet onion rice! An easy way to feed your family! For an even quicker meal, purchase pre crumbed cutlets from your local butcher to save time! Pumpkin and Lentil Curry Pumpkin and Lentil Curry < 1hr Enjoy this meat free curry as a hearty winter meal. The mango chutney although optional adds sweetness and tang to this delicious meal! Chilli Con Carne 01 Chilli con carne with Basmati Rice > 1hr This recipe will be a family winner! Chilli Con Carne with delicious Basmati Rice. The avocado mash and corn chips adds another element to this hearty meal, which we think you will love! Beef Rendang 01 Beef Rendang with Lemongrass rice > 1hr A new take on a traditional beef rendang curry by infusing our SunRice Long Grain Rice with lemongrass. This dish is not only hearty but fresh and a winner for families. Lyndis portuguese Chicken and Brown Rice Lyndi's Portuguese Chicken with Brown Rice and Strawberry Salsa < 20 This is a beautiful, fresh 10 minute meal - perfect for the warmer months. Microwavable Brown rice is such a quick, easy and convenient way to include another serving of delicious wholegrains into your diet. AFGHAN STYLE RICE Poh Poh's Afghan Style Rice & Chicken < 1hr The flavours in this recipe are rich with a subtle use of spice, a punch of lovely sweetness from the currants and carrots, a crunch of roasted pistachios, then a hit of sharpness and vibrancy from the yoghurt and fresh coriander. But, the highlight are those super light, beautifully separated, highly fragrant grains of rice that I seem to be able to keep eating and eating….. Chicken Turmeric curry Lyndi's Chicken Curry with Turmeric Basmati Rice < 30 This fragrant, quick and healthy recipe is perfect for a midweek meal or meal prep. Basmati rice is perfect for serving with curry. Add a dash of turmeric for an even healthier twist on this pantry staple. Smoked Duck Celery and Black Bean Stirfry Poh's Smoked Duck, Celery and Black Bean Stirfry < 30 This recipe is great for an easy mid week dinner. Use this base recipe but change up the protein or vegetables to whatever you like and you will have the makings of a great stir fry! Bon apetite! P7233415 min Lyndi's Coconut Rice with Sesame Seared Steak and Sautéed Vegetables < 30 The first dish from SunRice's Mystery Box Challenge, where Lyndi receives seasonal ingredients and creates delicious and nutritious recipes on the spot. This Coconut Rice with Seared Steak and Sautéed Vegetables recipe is so easy we think you will love it! Osso buco with risotto Osso Buco with Risotto > 1hr Try out this delicious osso buco with risotto recipe for your next dinner idea! This tasty dish is full of flavour and is perfect for the whole family.
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