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Vegetarian Recipes

Whether you are wanting a meat free Monday or live a vegetarian life, these delicious dishes are family favourites.
275842626 490708609400865 76842079862305566 n Poh's Babaganoush and Guacamole < 10 Need a quick and easy snack? Enjoy Poh’s wonderful Babaganoush and Guacamole recipes. These easy recipes will please every party guest and leave them wanting more. 271884628 450585483227533 7416482373348655338 n Poh’s Vegetable Coconut Rice Curry < 20 Try this easy mouth-watering recipe, perfect for a big family dinner. This tasty vegetable coconut rice curry will surely have you going in for second helpings! 122137034 352209836099895 8078728608566793085 n 2 Ash’s Puerto Rican inspired rice and beans < 30 Meatless Monday’s just got a whole lot easier with this tasty dish. Caras Spiced Veggie Pilaf Cara’s Spiced Veggie Pilaf < 10 A spicy take on a traditional Turkish dish that’s ready in under 30 minutes. Pumpkin and Lentil Curry Pumpkin and Lentil Curry < 1hr Enjoy this meat free curry as a hearty winter meal. The mango chutney although optional adds sweetness and tang to this delicious meal! Rice and quinoa salad Summer Rice & Quinoa Salad < 30 For a delicious vegetarian dish, try out this summer rice and quinoa salad recipe! This tasty dish is easy to make and is perfect for lunch or dinner. Walnut, cucumber and peach salad in lettuce Walnut, Cucumber & Peach Salad 5min This vegetarian rice salad recipe is a perfect summer dish! This walnut, cucumber and peach salad is full of flavour and easy to make for the whole family. Citrus quinoa rice with maple glazed carrots Citrus Quinoa Rice with Maple Glazed Carrots < 30 For a delicious vegetarian dish that is perfect for your next lunch or dinner idea, try out this tasty citrus quinoa rice with maple glazed carrots recipe! Portobello mushroom rice Portobello Mushroom Rice 5min For a quick and simple recipe that is perfect for when you're in a rush, try out this portobello mushroom rice dish! Enjoy this dish in just 15 minutes. Spiced cauliflower coriander rice Poh's Spiced Cauliflower & Coriander Rice < 30 For a quick dinner idea, try out this delicious vegetarian recipe! This simple spiced cauliflower and coriander rice dish is both easy and full of flavour. Mushroom and quinoa risotto Mushroom & Quinoa Risotto < 1hr Enjoy Italian cuisine at home with this delicious mushroom and quinoa risotto recipe! Try out this tasty dish for a healthy lunch or dinner idea. Sweet coconut rice with berry compote Sweet Coconut Rice with Berry Compote < 1hr For a delicious dessert everyone will enjoy, try out this sweet coconut rice with berry compote recipe. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this easy dish!
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