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Mexican Recipes

Make dinnertime party time with your family’s favourite Mexican recipe. If a rice recipe asks you to add garlic and fresh tomatoes, it’s going to be really good.
IMG 2388 Chicken Burrito Bowl in 5 5min Mexican Chicken Quesadillas Mexican Chicken Quesadillas > 1hr Create this Mexican dish in the comfort of your own home! This recipe is prefect for all ages as an easy Friday night meal! Mexican Chicken Fajitas with Medium Grain Rice Mexican Chicken Fajitas < 30 Enjoy easy Mexican with these delicious chicken fajitas! A great way to feed your family on a Friday night bursting with flavour! Chilli Con Carne 01 Chilli con carne with Basmati Rice > 1hr This recipe will be a family winner! Chilli Con Carne with delicious Basmati Rice. The avocado mash and corn chips adds another element to this hearty meal, which we think you will love! Rice and pulled chicken burrito Low GI Pulled Chicken Burrito > 1hr Enjoy Mexican flavours at home with this delicious low GI pulled chicken burrito recipe. This dish is full of flavour and is easy to share with friends! Mexican rice and chicken tacos Mexican Rice & Chicken Tacos < 20 Enjoy Mexican cuisine at home with this rice and chicken tacos recipe! This recipe is easy to make and only takes 15 minutes to cook, a perfect simple meal. Beef fajita bowl with vegetables Beef Fajita Bowl < 1hr Enjoy Mexican cuisine at home with this delicious beef fajita recipe! This tasty recipe is packed with colourful vegetables and delicious flavours. Mexican rice salad with vegetables Mexican Rice Salad in 5 5min Have a flavoursome lunch ready in just 5 minutes with this Mexican rice salad recipe! This quick and easy salad is perfect for a simple and tasty meal idea. Mexican chicken with rice Mexican Chicken with Rice 5min Enjoy Mexican cuisine at home with this simple Mexican chicken rice recipe! This tasty combination takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and cook. Fast mexican chicken with brown rice Fast Mexican Chicken < 20 Enjoy Mexican cuisine at home with this fast Mexican chicken recipe! This dish is filled with delicious flavour and is a perfect lunch or dinner idea. Mexican chorizo and rice salad Poh's Mexican Chorizo & Rice Salad < 30 Looking for a new rice salad recipe that is both tasty and healthy? Try out this Mexican chorizo and rice salad dish for a dish that is full of flavour. Fish taco bowl with vegetables and rice Fish Taco Bowl < 30 Try out this fish taco recipe for a tasty lunch or dinner idea! This delicious dish is packed with colourful vegetables and interesting flavours.
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