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Avocado and salmon sushi roll Avocado & Salmon Sushi Roll < 30 Try out this simple sushi recipe that is perfect for a light snack or side dish! This avocado and salmon sushi roll is delicious and even low in fat. White rice and satay beef lettuce cups Rice & Satay Beef Lettuce Cups < 30 Try out this rice and satay beef lettuce cups recipe and enjoy delicious Asian cuisine at home! This dish is perfect to share with friends and family. Rice and pulled chicken burrito Low GI Pulled Chicken Burrito > 1hr Enjoy Mexican flavours at home with this delicious low GI pulled chicken burrito recipe. This dish is full of flavour and is easy to share with friends! Bacon and mushroom risotto Bacon & Mushroom Risotto < 1hr Have Italian cuisine at home with this tasty bacon and mushroom risotto recipe! Enjoy with the whole family for a delicious dish that is full of flavour. Ginger chicken stir fry with brown rice Ginger Chicken Stir Fry with Brown Rice < 20 This delicious ginger chicken stir fry recipe is full of flavour and a perfect simple lunch or dinner idea! Serve this dish with tasty brown rice and enjoy. Easy meatloaf with rice topped with prosciutto Easy Meatloaf with Rice & Prosciutto < 1hr Looking for an easy meatloaf recipe? This recipe combines delicious meatloaf with rice and prosiutto for a tasty twist! Enjoy this dish for lunch or dinner. Brazil nut salad with rice and beans Brazil Nut Salad < 1hr This vegetarian and vegan friendly rice recipe is full of tasty and nutritious ingredients! This nut salad is easy to cook and is a perfect healthy meal. Mexican rice and chicken tacos Mexican Rice & Chicken Tacos < 20 Enjoy Mexican cuisine at home with this rice and chicken tacos recipe! This recipe is easy to make and only takes 15 minutes to cook, a perfect simple meal. Baked chocolate rice pudding Baked Chocolate Rice Pudding < 1hr Try out this baked chocolate rice pudding recipe for an easy and delicious dessert idea! This dish is great for the whole family and is perfect to share. Poh's Black Rice with Mango & Salty Coconut Custard Poh's Black Rice with Mango & Salty Coconut Custard < 30 Try out this delicious dessert recipe that is perfect for the whole family! This tasty mango and salty coconut sweet black rice is quick and easy to make. Sticky pork ribs with brown rice pilaf Sticky Pork Ribs with Brown Rice Pilaf > 1hr Enjoy a delicious and easy to make dinner with this sticky pork ribs recipe! Served with brown rice pilaf, this tasty meal idea is full of flavour. Coconut milk rice pudding with raspberries Coconut Milk Rice Pudding < 20 Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious coconut milk rice pudding recipe! Topped with raspberries and passion fruit, this is a perfect easy dessert.
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