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Mushroom and quinoa risotto Mushroom & Quinoa Risotto < 1hr Enjoy Italian cuisine at home with this delicious mushroom and quinoa risotto recipe! Try out this tasty dish for a healthy lunch or dinner idea. Sweet coconut rice with berry compote Sweet Coconut Rice with Berry Compote < 1hr For a delicious dessert everyone will enjoy, try out this sweet coconut rice with berry compote recipe. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this easy dish! Tomato and basil rice salad Tomato & Basil Rice Salad < 1hr Try out this delicious vegetarian salad for your next healthy meal idea! This tomato and basil rice salad is full of flavour and is easy to make. Soy glazed salmon with rice Soy Glazed Salmon with Rice < 1hr Try out this soy glazed salmon with rice recipe for a healthy and delicious lunch or dinner idea! This tasty dish is packed with flavour and nutrients. Indian Chicken Curry Indian Chicken Curry with Basmati Rice < 1hr Enjoy exotic flavours at home with this delicious Indian chicken curry recipe! This dish is full of tasty spices and is best served with basmati rice. Thai red curry with coriander rice Thai Red Curry with Coriander Rice < 30 Try out this delicious Thai red curry recipe and enjoy the flavours of Thailand at home! Served with tasty coriander rice, this dish is full of flavour. Mango coconut rice Mango Coconut Rice < 30 For a simple yet delicious dessert idea, try out this mango coconut rice recipe! This easy dish is full of flavour and is perfect for the whole family. Baked apricot pudding Baked Apricot Pudding < 1hr This baked apricot pudding recipe is a perfect dessert idea the whole family will enjoy! This sweet treat is full of flavour and delicious ingredients. Vanilla rice pudding with strawberries Poh's Vanilla Rice Pudding & Rosewater Strawberries < 30 For an easy dessert recipe, try out this simple vanilla rice pudding dish! This sweet treat contains strawberries, rose water and more tasty ingredients. Spiced lamb pilaf Spiced Lamb Pilaf < 1hr Enjoy delicious Middle Eastern flavours with this tasty spiced lamb pilaf recipe! This casserole is a perfect dinner idea for the whole family to enjoy. Asian rice salad Asian Rice Salad 5min If you're looking for a delicious rice salad recipe, try out this tasty Asian rice salad! This simple dish is full of flavour and even vegetarian friendly. Sushi salad rice with japanese beef skewers Sushi Salad Rice with Japanese Beef Skewers < 1hr Enjoy Japanese flavours at home with this delicious sushi salad rice recipe! Served with Japanese skewers, this dish is perfect for both lunch or dinner.
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