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We make a difference every day

We make a difference to our communities

SunRice’s employee value proposition is ‘Make a Difference’ and we believe that our people really do ‘make a difference’.

Our employees shape their own experiences by making differences every day from maintaining and developing high performing teams to ensuring the long term sustainability of the business. More than that, they contribute to and help create sustainable communities in countries in which we operate.

Our Values also shape our employees’ experiences:

  • 'Dynamic’ means being fast, flexible and forward thinking where our people want to show up to work every day and put in their best
  • ‘Integrity’ means building trust, doing the right thing all of the time and protecting the whole of our brand
  • ‘Community’ means demonstrating care and commitment for our communities
  • ‘Innovative’ means providing meaningful benefits to our customers and consumers
  • ‘Collaborative’ means being all in this together, all hands contributing inclusively

This is achieved through embracing challenges, being agile and resilient and having a growth mindset. SunRice also recognises that our employees value autonomy and being given the space to achieve their best.

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Case studies

Read more here about how SunRice, and our employees, make a difference. A ‘no gender pay gap’ principle is a key part of the SunRice Diversity and Inclusion strategy; cultural awareness of the social and cultural norms in the various countries; and case studies on our commitment to nurturing young women and men’s careers - these are just some of the ways SunRice is having an impact.ß

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Commitment to no gender bias

A ‘no gender pay gap’ principle is a key part of SunRice’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy. It is reflected in our remuneration philosophy and forms the basis for all our decision making.

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Cultural intelligence training

SunRice is broadening our cultural intelligence training across the leadership group as wecontinue to expand our global footprint.

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Supporting youth through education

SunRice is supporting women to follow their passion for the rice industry through scholarship and career opportunities and, to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to improve education, life skills and employment prospects, has partnered with the Clontarf Foundation to open the first Clontarf Academy in Narrandera (NSW), right next door to Leeton, home to our Leeton mill. Read more here

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