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Lyndi'sWellness Corner

Lyndi Cohen is passionate about wholesome, nutritious food while still living a balanced lifestyle

Find out how she incorporates the goodness of rice into her meals and why she loves being a part of the SunRice family

Lyndis Teriyaki Poke bowl Lyndi's 5 minute Teriyaki Poke Bowl This beautifully balanced meal is wonderfully quick to make. It’s perfect for a throw-together work lunch or meal prep ahead of a busy week. You can easily swap Jasmine rice for SunRice low GI rice or SunRice Supergrains. Read More One tray lemon fish website Lyndi's One Tray Lemon and Garlic Fish This is the perfect meal for a quick, healthy and throw-together meal when you want to eat something delicious - without much washing up. Read More Fish curry 4 Lyndi's Green Fish Curry All you need is one pot and 15-minutes to make a seriously comforting and healthy meal for the family. Serve with SunRice Brown Rice & Quinoa Infused with lemongrass, coconut and chilli for an easy and healthier meal in no time. Read More P7102825 min Lyndi's Healthy Beef Stroganoff This is a healthy spin on a family classic. It’s loaded with vegetables like mushrooms, onion and baby spinach and subs out the sour cream for yoghurt, a better-for-you alternative. Serve with SunRice medium grain rice for a beautifully balanced meal. Read More P7082713 min Lyndi's Healthy Indian Curry Enjoy a healthy comfort meal, that’s ready to eat in just 20-minutes. Serve this wholesome (and affordable) dish with SunRice basmati rice. SunRice Basmati rice has a delightful aroma and produces a light, fluffy texture that is ideal for absorbing the flavours of saucy and spicy cooking. Read More Rsz p7103112 Lyndi's Chilli and Garlic Chicken This quick and easy recipe is perfect for healthy meal prep ahead of a busy week! Using SunRice Infusions is such an easy way to add in plenty of flavour and include wholesome wholegrains into your diet without spending much time in the kitchen. Read More Rsz p7022462 Lyndi's 15-Minute Red Salmon Curry Dinner in 15 minutes? Yes, please. Food that makes you want to lick the bowl? Coming right up with this veggie-rich curry. Serve with SunRice Steamed Brown Rice & Red Rice infused with Chilli and Garlic. Read More Poke bowl Lyndi's Salmon Poke Bowl with Hainanese Chicken Brown Rice If you want to eat healthily, but don’t have time to spare - prep this healthy meal prep poke bowl recipe ahead of a busy week. If you’re tight on time but still want to eat healthily, SunRice Brown Rice and Buckwheat infused with Hainanese Chicken flavours can add plenty of flavour to your meals while helping you include plenty of nutrition. Read More Chicken Turmeric curry Lyndi's Chicken Curry with Turmeric Basmati Rice This fragrant, quick and healthy recipe is perfect for a midweek meal or meal prep. Basmati rice is perfect for serving with curry. Add a dash of turmeric for an even healthier twist on this pantry staple. Read More P7233415 min Lyndi's Coconut Rice with Sesame Seared Steak and Sautéed Vegetables The first dish from SunRice's Mystery Box Challenge, where Lyndi receives seasonal ingredients and creates delicious and nutritious recipes on the spot. This Coconut Rice with Seared Steak and Sautéed Vegetables recipe is so easy we think you will love it! Read More Lyndi Portuguese chicken Front shot Lyndi's Portuguese Chicken with Brown Rice and Strawberry Salsa This is a beautiful, fresh 10 minute meal - perfect for the warmer months. Microwavable Brown rice is such a quick, easy and convenient way to include another serving of delicious wholegrains into your diet. Read More Lyndi Lyndi's Mini Burrito Bowls This month we have given Lyndi some turkey mince, capsicum, black beans, avocado, lime and our SunRice Low Gi White Rice! She has come up with this delicious and easy Mexican meal the whole family can enjoy! It is quick and easy and will keep you feeling fuller for longer! Read More