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Pure Seed Program

To guarantee the quality of your rice, SunRice requires all Australian-grown rice delivered to it to be grown from seed that has been produced in a manner that ensures its genetic integrity. Growers can only purchase short grain seed, or seed for any variety for that matter, from SunRice’s Pure Seed Program, developed by our research and development farm, Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd, which is situated in the Riverina.

Short grain rice can only be grown in the designated rice growing quarantine area that ensures Australian grown rice is free from exotic pests and diseases and is grown with minimal use of agricultural chemicals.

Australian rice seed is non-GMO and has full traceability from the farm through to rice storage and milling to distribution to the customer and consumer. The Pure Seed Program provides seed every year to the growers to ensure varietal purity and eliminates admixture in the field.

Harvest quality assurance and traceability right through to your door

Only approved growers can deliver paddy rice to SunRice.

Upon receipt of rice at harvest, SunRice records each grower’s delivery before sampling and assessing the rice to allow segregation by quality level. All harvest samples are then assessed by our Appraisals Laboratory to understand how each paddy batch will perform in the milling and cooking processes. Immediately prior to production, representative samples of the paddy batch are re-assessed to ensure that the quality of the paddy aligns with our customers' expectations.

SunRice mills all short grain paddy at its Deniliquin mill in southern Riverina, which is specifically configured to process our niche varieties to the quality standards of our customers. The paddy is milled under tightly controlled conditions by highly skilled millers, with ongoing sampling and assessment of the rice to ensure compliance to our customers' standards.

After the rice has been milled, samples are further assessed against quality standards to confirm the product will meet cooking standards, and include:

  • Hanasaki test, to determine if the rice is susceptible to cracking when exposed to moisture;
  • Brokens test, to verify the broken grain content is within specification, minimising starches that may be released;
  • Moisture test, to verify the moisture content is within specification, to ensure a consistent finished product.

After milling, the rice is packed into bags and marked with a ticket with a unique sequential number. Information about each bag is recorded in SunRice’s system, guaranteeing traceability once it leaves for distribution, regardless of its destination.

Watch our "paddy-to-plate" video series, which brings our quality assured supply chain to life.

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The complete milling process is overseen by a dedicated milling manager, ensuring quality is tightly controlled.

Integrated supply chain

Ensuring freedom from exotic pests and diseases

Rice quarantine arrangements and a temperate climate keep Australia free of exotic pests and diseases. There is minimal use of agricultural chemicals.

  • When necessary, agri-chemicals are used only during the crop establishment period
  • Virtually nil agri-chemical use within 100 days of harvest
  • No genetically modified rice grown

From paddy to plate

We believe our food must be safe to eat, nutritious and of high quality. We pride ourselves on supplying products that exceed our consumers' and customers' expectations.

The principles that guide the SunRice business in achieving these expectations are detailed here.

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