Capital Structure Review

The SunRice Board has been engaged in a comprehensive process to review SunRice’s capital structure and develop a new model for the future that underpins our company’s growth, while preserving the rights of A Class shareholders and enhancing the value of B Class Shares.

A message from the Chairman 

On behalf of the SunRice Board, I’m pleased to announce that we will take the Capital Restructure to a vote in 2016, following strong shareholder support.

We thank all shareholders for their time and input as we finalised the review process in recent months, and urge you and your financial advisers to attend the information sessions we plan to hold once the Capital Restructure Booklet has been released.

We have invested significant time and resources to ensure the proposed new structure protects and delivers enduring grower control for our A Class shareholders and the SunRice business. From that base, we’ve been able to develop a unique structure involving the establishment of a new SunRice Fund that will change the way we fund SunRice’s future growth and build an Australian-controlled food company of scale that can more effectively compete in global markets for the benefit of all growers and shareholders.

As noted above, a Restructure Booklet will be sent to all shareholders in due course, including an Independent Expert’s Report and detailed information about the Capital Restructure, including the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed new model.

If you are a shareholder it is important that you read this document in full and seek your own financial advice before voting. In the interim we encourage you to access the materials on this website, including the SunRice Capital Restructure Information Sheet and earlier shareholder documents or ask a question online or through the shareholder information line on 1800 020 806.

Once Capital Restructure documentation is finalised, we will update shareholders and growers on the timetable for taking the Capital Resturcture to a vote.

For the Capital Restructure to proceed a 75% majority vote of both A and B Class shareholders is required. We urge you to participate and to exercise your right to vote when the time comes. This next step forward is designed to strengthen SunRice’s future, and with it, your future as a grower and/or shareholder.

Laurie Arthur (black)