Food manufacturers and marketers the world over are increasingly recognising the advantages of rice over other grains as a nutritious food ingredient with an array of applications.


The fully integrated Paddy-to-Plate system

  1. The rice industry is Australian owned from “Paddy to Plate” which enables traceability from farm to customer.
  2. Australia’s isolated rice growing region is away from pollution and exotic pests and is protected by strict quarantine laws.
  3. The Pure Seed Program guarantees the integrity of SunRice’s rice varieties.
  4. Dedicated Rice Receival Depots, Rice Mills and Flour Mills are located throughout the rice growing region to receive, store, dry & process paddy rice.

High Quality Ingredients from Australian Grown Rice.

SunRice Food Ingredients

Rice is used in many food products ranging from cereals to smallgoods to desserts. Some of the key applications are:

Breakfast Cereals - whole rice for puffing and extrusion; broken rice, flour and bran for extrusion

Beverage - fine rice flour is used in beverage for its wholegrain benefits and high solubility

Meals and Snacks - whole rice is incorporated into varous meals and puffed rice snacks. Rice flours are used in puffed, blended and etxruded snacks.

Pre-mixes - rice flours are used in small goods and seasoning as a binder, carrier and texturing agent.

Pet Food - broken rice is added to pet foods for its nutritional benefits.

Benefits of Rice in Manufacturing

Rice is a versatile ingredient for a wide range of food applications due to is various nutritional and functional properties:


Wholegrain; Hypoallergenic; Gluten Free; Dairy Free; Low in fat; Source of Fibre


Baking; Binding; Bulking; Dispersability; Dusting; Extrusion; Neutral colour and flavour; Processing; Texturising; Thermal and pressure stability

World Class Rice, Grown right here in Australia.

Food Service Bulk Rices

SunRice’s rice varietals are highly sought after by chefs and discerning consumers around the world.

We specialise in supplying the Asian food service channel with locally grown Australian rice. Our rices are used in a wide range of cuisines and are supplied to hundreds of Australian food outlets, from takeaway sushi to premium Asian restaurants.

Explore our range of Long Grain, Medium Grain, Wholegrain and Short grain rices here.