Poh's Spiced tuna and Coriander rice

Course Light lunch, Salad, Side dish, Main, Dinner
Cuisine Australian
Special diet Low Fat
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  • Prep 5minPrep 5min
  • Cook 20minCook 20min
  • Serves 4 peopleServes 4 people4 ppl
  • Easy meals, Easy to shareEasy meals, Easy to share
  • Prep 5min + Cook 20min = 25min total

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1.5 cup cup SunRice Medium grain rice
950 g g Canned tuna, drained and flaked (2 x 425g)
1 Large Brown Onion, diced
2 tspns tspns Cumin seeds
3/4 cup cup Firmly packed fresh coriander (or mint, flat leaf parsley or combined)
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Poh's Spiced tuna and Coriander rice


  • 1 Start with the rice. Prepare Medium grain rice as per the pack instructions.
  • 2 Meanwhile, heat 2 tbsn of oil with the cumin in a large non-stick frypan (or wok) over medium heat until the cumin is fragrant. Add the onions and stir-fry until slightly translucent. Add the tuna, stir through and remove from heat.
  • 3 Fold through the rice. Once combined, stir through the fresh herbs. If you have a lemon lying around, shave a sprinkle of zest over the top and a squeeze of lemon juice will liven things up!
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1. For a fresh summer rice salad, refrigerate the cooked rice before stirring through.

2. To reduce the cook time to 10 mins, use SunRice Steamed Long Grain white rice (just 90 seconds in the microwave). Or for added wholegrains, try SunRice Steamed Brown rice.


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